V&A Disobedient Objects

So I took a trip to the the V&A Museum to go the the exhibition “Disobedient Objects”. The exhibition was about protest art out of limited resources. People used resources they could find on a daily bases to create protest boards and other art work. There were a lot of quotes that really made you think of how people are mistreated. There words described their situation perfectly and gave a point that no matter how much they suffer they will not back down.

IMG_0956As the exhibition started with a quote that really shocked the viewers it carried on throughout the whole exhibition. I really like the fact that it never stopped, it just made you think about life more focused, and see how people treat you, how you treat people. Do you give the same amount of respect to people as they give you… Or do you give more respect while receiving less.

IMG_0977There was this different sounds coming out the speakers in the exhibitions of people protesting and music. It made me lose focus but I guess it was what they intended to do since protesting wants your attention, wants you to hear them out, to lose your focus and concentrate on what they have to say. I really took notice in this since I never did a protest or paid a huge amount of attention. However, after this exhibition, I will change my views and hear people out on their concerns that might affect them but not me, or even so affect me without even me noticing.

I also liked the fact that they had instruction on how to build your own tools, and gadgets with things you would find every day life. It just shows how creative people are and that you don’t need to be rich or buy things from the shop just so you waste money. You need to put some thought in yourself and let your creativity and passion take over you. Here are some of the instruction that were in the exhibit for people to create their own things:

IMG_0979 IMG_0980 IMG_0981 IMG_0982 IMG_0983


The Invention of Photography

The-first-Kodak-camera-ca-005The first Kodak camera came loaded and cost twenty five dollars in 1889.

Kodachrome is gone now, and taken the colour palette in which was used in mid-20th century. The digital photography has taken out the bright projection of earliest memories that was shown through a carousel slideshow.

1890s: Kodak employees in a penthouse on the roof of the State Street factory.

18-March-1947-A-tiny-MB-c-01418 March 1947: A tiny “MB” camera (no larger than its namesake, a matchbox). Eastman Kodak designed and built 1,000 of these cameras for use by OSS agents and underground forces during World War II.

1888EastmanEastman changed the photography industry by putting the camera in the hands of the amateurs. Their first camera came preloaded with enough film for 100 pictures however, the user had send the whole camera back to eastman for processing.

Favourite Blog

Personally I don’t have a favourite blog, but there is this blog where I’m fascinated by this persons work which is Luke-Dixon-Art. He is a freelancer Graphic Artist that work is based on pen art. The detail he puts into his work is really incredible. His original work is done by hand and then they are transferred on clothing like t-shirts and jumpers, which he sells and makes a profit of. The art work is based on people and animals, they way he creates different tones is not by shading but by the distance of the pen lines. He has his own website where he sells clothing with designs on, which is: http://www.thebearhug.com suitable to todays fashion, even I would wear a hoodie with his designs on.

Luke DixonThe ‘Forrest Gump’ T-shirt  Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 21.17.22Marty McFly, BigCat, Tupac, WolfWalk

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 21.19.27Heisenberg from Braking Bad

First Week of Uni!

University started!!!

I totally missed it! All summer long I was waiting until it started again, it just got boring having a holiday this big! Finished my Foundation and there I was happy to start my holiday! Well who wouldn’t be? So there I was 2 weeks in, and I realised its boring. Then I started wanting to go back to University. Well here I am first week has gone and I’m totally excited about it!

UAL is just a great place for me, honestly I feel like at home when I go there. People are friendly, the whole place of LCC is just comfortable to be in. Just the environment of the place makes you feel like everyone has excepted you. Amazing people with different talents, are basically everywhere in LCC, different ideas from different people, different skills that would help one another in any topic. Cooperating with people in LCC will take your work to another level. Some locations of workshops has changed but well it was for the better, letter press has an awesome place with amazing natural light coming from outside, than before where they were way down underground. Furthermore, screen printing changed location too, and also its for the better! much more comfortable atmosphere.

Summer Lithuania Here was my summer holiday in Lithuania, had a wonderful time there most of the time went to the sea, enjoyed the sunsets, and I’m totally prepared to go back next summer, some times you just won’t stop loving the place you come from, and it is your homeland. So here is a picture of the sunset I experienced in Lithuania, Klaipeda. Taken with a Nikon D7000.

Summers Over, Time to Get Serious!